About Us



Dial-A-Dude came into existence when I realized a need and the gap between the small and big corporation whereby the small clients have been neglected and not getting necessary attention that it deserves . I brought along a vast blend of telecommunication and ICT skills to be able to better serve my clients.
The firm is an ICT company focusing on delivering the basic as well as customized IT solutions to SME’s and Corporate customers on day to day basis(Ad-Hoc) as well as SLA contracts.


The corporation is 100% owned by blacks. In terms of the company's empowerment and staff retention policy, the ownership incentive enables employees to become members of the corporation when certain conditions are met.


  • Dial-A-Dude's vision is to become a leading ICT service provider by:
  • Providing high quality and affordable products and services
  • Doing it right the first time
  • Acquiring the most skilled personnel
  • Delivering on the promises
  • Commitment to our duties


The Mission of Dial-A-Dude is two-fold: To engage, learn, apply and inform in a manner which will solidify long term relationships with our clients. To be a source of employment and provide a solid training and development platform for our employees and thereby creating a highly motivated and multi skilled workforce who has a sense of pride/provision in the Company.


  • To reach our vision and accomplish our mission, Dial-A-Dude's strategy involves:
  • Partnering with other multi-disciplinary business solutions professionals and firms to achieve our stated vision,
  • Application of best practice principles by engaging and learning from our technical partners and thus keeping abreast of our competitors,
  • Empowerment of the employees through industry focused training,
  • performance linked remuneration and ownership incentives. (Retention of professional staff),
  • Building the capacity required to be able to engage clients of any size,
  • Ensuring that quality management systems are in place, thus ensuring work is always up to the highest possible standard,
  • Building adequate financial reserves to finance the growth of the company,
  • Ensuring that all members of staff comply to best corporate governance principle in their conduct,
  • To ensure labour stability which will create growth and wealth?
  • To reduce overall costs to the client